IASTAR® (Information System for Training, Assessment, and Reporting) uses a flexible framework for organizations to create a comprehensive IA compliance program unique to their needs.  The system features a proprietary process to efficiently map an organization’s workforce by creating a profile for each user.  A brief organization specific assessment determines each user’s functional roles and responsibilities.  The users are then categorized by organizational criteria.  Completed user profiles are the basis for an individual’s IA training plan.

IASTAR® provides answers to these five questions that are on the minds of everyone that is effected by FIMSA and DoD 8570.

  1. What training do individuals need?
  2. How much does training and certification cost?
  3. Where can individuals get the training?
  4. How do individuals get the certifications?
  5. How do agencies report compliance?


IASTAR® is a proven IA compliance program for personnel tracking and reporting.  The Army purchased 1,000,000 licenses for a customized version of IASTAR®.  Army Training and Certification Tracking System meets DoD 8570.1M and Army specific requirements.