IASTAR® Features

Identify – Through a brief online assessment the IA workforce is identified.  It creates a compliance profile for all users and maps individuals to their required category or specialty level as described by the organization.  This allows for easy input, tracking, and organization of all personnel.  The organization has a single viewable source for FISMA or DoD 8570 compliance.

Train– Each profile generates an individual training plan that is unique to their duties.  Personnel have a convenient list of courses and certifications on their profile.  Courses needed for compliance are loaded into the system database and it has the ability to load courses that are specific to an organization.  Training course location and cost linked to IASTAR® and the training budget.  All results are automatically recorded in the system. 

Certify – A voucher and coupon management system allows for voucher and coupons to be imported, distributed, and managed from the database.  Vouchers and coupons are assigned to users who are ready for the exam, and pre-assessments are provided for preparation. 

Reporting – IASTAR®  is a single source for compliance reporting.  Users have the ability to generate custom identified data reports that can assist managers in identifying compliance needs.

Compliance Management – IASTAR®  is designed to change as the service component’s needs evolve.  Compliance requirements are populated into the system.  This allows the system to be customizable, flexible and easy to update if laws change. 

Reporting Hierarchy- A unique dynamic hierarchy is developed for each organization’s reporting needs.  This allows for reporting through multiple channels and captures users at every level.  Power Users are given the right to perform administrative functions and build out their organizations.  The unique organizational hierarchy can generate customizable reports at all levels of an organization.  It is not static if the design of the organization changes so can the design of the system hierarchy.

Systems Integration- IASTAR®  uses a systems integration approach combined with web services to connect standalone computer systems by extracting required data.  Relevant data is collected in IASTAR® and data can be transferred and referenced quickly in multiple areas without a hardwire connection.



IASTAR® and WillCo Technologies can also help by offering consulting to agencies or organizations that do not have a direction for FISMA compliance.  Our CEO sat on the 8-member panel that helped the DoD with FISMA compliance.  We can consult on the development of IA categories and specialties, along with much more regard FISMA compliance.